3T Exploro First Ride Impressions

For most of 2018 I have been on an N+1 campaign, adding time trial bike, a full suspension mountain bike and a new road bike to my line up.  That was N+3, or N+4 if you count my girlfriend's Focus Kao.   But as the summer progressed, I started thinking about what my plans are for…Read more 3T Exploro First Ride Impressions

Zed Wheel Works Consulting

To formalize my relationship with Broad Street Cycles, I have been operating my consulting services as Zed Wheel Works Consulting. This is my proprietorship offering a part-time contract custom order wheel building services. I work full time in the IT consulting industry as a senior Solutions Architect for Sierra Systems. Prior to that I was VP Technology at…Read more Zed Wheel Works Consulting

Zed is dead, but lives on at Broad Street Cycles

Zed Wheel Works operating as Zed Wheels and zedwheels.com has permanently closed shop. If you'd been following along, you had read about Zed becoming a victim of fraud. That combined with the increased commitment needed to run a shop on his own, Brad decided to close down Zed Wheels. But he's not yet stopped building wheels!  Zed has…Read more Zed is dead, but lives on at Broad Street Cycles

IlfoTec HC: Use a medical Syringe

As I mentioned in a previous post,  I was finding it challenging to accurately measure the amount of concentrated IlfoTec HC B&W developer when mixing up small batches for 120 or 35mm rolls.  I knew that a syringe would be a big improvement over using the small Paterson graduated cylinder. My wife works in the…Read more IlfoTec HC: Use a medical Syringe

Going Square: Bronica SQ-B 6×6 Film Camera

In the 1980s, I used to dream of one day owning two cameras: A Leica M rangefinder 35mm , and the iconic Hasselblad 6x6 120 professional film Camera. Our local source for great used cameras, Camera Traders has a Twitter feed that I follow. Earlier this week, up pops a Hasselblad 500cm with Carl Zeiss 8omm…Read more Going Square: Bronica SQ-B 6×6 Film Camera

Steven’s custom ENVE SES 4.5 clincher wheels

Steven had previously purchased a set of custom hand built ENVE SES 8.9 clinchers with red Chris King R45 hubs. He uses them for Ironman and triathlon competitions. This fall, he ordered this set. Sticking with the same red CK R45 hubs, he chose the very balance all-rounder ENVE SES 4.5 clincher rim, a new…Read more Steven’s custom ENVE SES 4.5 clincher wheels