1998… taking a crack at oils, I launch straight into the nude genre. No idea why, really. I guess it seemed more ‘artsy’. I played around with older techniques of layering semi transparent oils over previous light layers. The result is some interesting depth, not fully captured in the photograph of the painting. This painting was never really finished. I guess I got bored of it and to be honest, had some challenges with the hands and hair, and just left it alone, as it sits now.

I get asked, ‘Who is it?’ It’s not any one woman. The pose was inspired by an advertisement (clothed), and the rest my imagination. I was shooting for moody and less porny, but somehow managed a bit of both, I think. Sorry about that.

I mostly take photographs now and spend little to zero time drawing or painting. Raising a family takes most of that free time away, and what’s left is best used elsewhere, for now.  I have little time for it, and with the new medium the photo, there’s not a lot of chance I’ll be doing a nude anytime soon.oil_nude_16x20

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