Pro City Racing road team mates Alex and Jamie both bought Enve 3.4 tubular race wheels for the 2012 road racing season. They’d selected some very exotic and lightweight, made in the usa, C-4 hubs. This choice proved to be lacking durability that previous models had. So, Zed Wheels replaced the C-4 hubs on the bikes.

Jamie had a Bontrager XXX-Lite carbon rear hub available, so he went with a XXX-Lite (DT Swiss 240s freehub) with an Alchemy ELF front. While a little heavier than his previous hub set, this configuration should prove very reliable. It’s not too often you see a XXX-Lite carbon hub built onto an Enve rim! Very unique, indeed.

Alex’s race bike is a Madone Project One with a black and bit of white colour scheme. To complement his very special bike, Alex went with a white Tune Mag 170, Mig 70 hub set laced onto his Enve 3.4 rims with CX-Ray spokes. The result is as stunning wheelset on an equally stunning bike. And beautifully light, aero and strong.

Zed Wheels no longer offers C-4 hubs due to reliability issues. C-4 is a relative newcomer to the made in the USA hub market. Both sets chosen for the 3.4 suffered from premature bearing failure and creaking. As a result, I’ve dropped C-4 from the Zed Wheel’s offerings. In fact, my house brand hub, a taiwanese hub found on the semi-custom Diablo, Hurricane and CrossRock lineup provide better value, reasonable weight compared to C-4 without the issues. It’s unfortunate, as C-4 had models in very attractive price points. In fact, there aren’t too many models price-to-weight competitive in around the $200-$400 per hub set price range. White Industries or Hope fill that price point, but they aren’t weight competitive at their price.


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