Gluing tubular cyclocross tires in 10 easy steps

So many people have ideas and opinions on gluing tubular cyclocross tires. Stu Thorne from has a great video on YouTube showing how it's done.  His method works well and here are the steps that i've found to work well, similar to the video: You'll Need Tubular cement. I recommend Mastik One from Vittoria.…Read more Gluing tubular cyclocross tires in 10 easy steps


Tom’s CrossRock AX Disc

Tom Skinner asked me to help provide him tubular race wheels for the 2012 cyclocross race season. Tom will be riding a new Norco Threshold Disc cross bike. Tom has not ridden tubulars yet, but he's heard they are the way to go for cross (I concur). This is the first disc CrossRockAX niobium tubular…Read more Tom’s CrossRock AX Disc