Zed Wheels is proud to be sponsoring Craig Richey for the 2012 Cyclocross season. I met Craig last summer during a track meet at the Westshore Velodrome. He had decided track racing would be a good way to improve his fitness in preparation for his assault on the New England CX scene. Boy was he right! Craig started his season strong, before ‘taking a break’ and returning home to race the locals for a while leading up to Canadian CX Nats on November 17th in Surrey, British Columbia.

I had a wheelbuilding setback in late August, cutting through two fingers on my left hand with my table saw. I was building my son, 10, a ‘retro’ 1970s style skateboard from oak. A dado blade pulled my small and ring finger into the blade. I digress. The point being I wasn’t going to have Craig’s three wheelsets ready before he left for New England. When he got back near end of October, I had his wheels ready for him. Two identical sets of 20f24r CrossRock CX 1250g carbon tubular wheelsets. Craig glued on two sets of Challenge Limus mud tires, a tire he’d raced on last season and knew they’d work well this far into the ‘mud’ season. Good luck to Craig at the Cross on the Rock Episode #6 – Binab Group GP CX on November 11th.


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