The Cross on the Rocks’ second stop in Victoria, BC happened November 11th, 2012 at Western Speedway race course. The Pro City Racing team built a fantastic course complete with a Fly-over! The race attracted many elite roadies, including Jelly Belly’s Nic Hamilton, Rob Britton, Jamie Sparling and the usual characters like Trek Red Truck Racing’s Tyler Trace, Drew MacKenzie, Tom Skinner, Adam de Vos and others. Craig Richey was certainly one to watch having come home for a break after starting his season racing strong in New England.

I certainly hoped for my sponsored riders, Craig Richey, Tom Skinner and Adam de Vos to finish strong. Craig was debuting his CrossRock CX carbon wheelsets, and Tom was on his CrossRock AX disc wheels, while Adam went with his mud tire equipped CrossRock AX alloy wheelset. A great duel between Craig and Tyler ensued and another duel in amongst the top five. In the end Craig Richey took the win, with Drew slipping past Tyler for second, Tyler, and Zed Wheels riders Tom Skinner and Adam de Vos 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

Elite Men Top 5

    1. Craig Richey, p/b Zed Wheels and OBB.
    2. Drew McKenzie, Condo Group p/b Shimano.
    3. Tyler Trace, Team Trek Red Truck Racing.
    4. Tom Skinner, OBB p/b Zed Wheels.
    5. Adam de Vos, Team Trek Red Truck p/b Zed Wheels.



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