Dušan was quite excited to upgrade his sweet Santa Cruz Nomad. He’d heard all the good things about the ENVE carbon mountain bike rims. Desirable characteristics like reduced rotational weight, more precise steering, reduced flex allowing improve cornering. He was able to shave some of the cost by supplying his own Blue Chris King ISO disc hubs, 32h. Dušan had done his homework and knew immediately that he wanted the 26 AM all-mountain rims. What he wasn’t sure about was choice of spokes. ZED helped him with that.. Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes. A seemingly odd spoke choice for a mountain bike until we look at the numbers. CX-Rays have the strongest mid section strength rating of all of the Sapim lineup at 1600 Newtons per square millimeter. That’s stronger than the beefy Sapim Strong spokes. No wonder world cup downhill racers choose Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The 18/8 high grade stainless and the shape of the CX-Ray has meant that an aero spoke designed to cheat the wind is also the best choice for offroad use.


Like all ENVE rims the 26 AM is a joy to build. The out of the box roundness and consistency of the materials around the rim mean that to a builder, landing on very even tension is not a huge battle. This has been one of the reasons ENVE tops my list for carbon rim suppliers. The quality is second to none.