Lawrence decided to replace his Velocity A23 rims, which had shown some cracking at one of the nipples. Cracking has been problematic for certain brands largely due to their alloy choices: too hard and they’ll crack. Too soft, and they’ll wear quickly and need lower tension. The Velocity A23, a wide rim is very shallow and has had a reasonable reputation, but over longer term use has often seen cracks develop at the nipples on many builds. For this reason, I don’t use Velocity rims.  This is the fate we see with other older alloys such as the old-skool alloys used by Mavic.  The 6061 alloy chosen by Kirk Pacenti for the SL23 seems to be the perfect alloy. It’s light, strong and appears to be slightly more durable than G609 or the niobium alloys popularized by Kinlin.

The brake track on the SL23, as I’ve mentioned before, is fantastic. The rim’s profile is more aerodynamic than the deservedly popular H Plus Son Archetype. The weight of the Archetype seems to have been creeping upwards of late, and the Pacenti has a solid 20g per rim savings over the Archetype. Both rims are similarly priced, so the choice for Lawrence’s rebuild was clear – the Pacenti SL23 laced to his 28/32h Chris King R45 hubs using silver CX-Ray spokes and Sapim Secure Lock silver brass nipples.

The pair weigh in at 1647g.

You can have your own built for under 1400g with Tune hubs and 20/24 drillings.