The all-new 2014 ZED Wheel Works cycling kit is here! Kudos to Craig Richey and the crew at VOMax apparel for making the whole process of designing and ordering the cycling kit so easy.  A big thanks to Paul Underhill at Rumble, Jason Binab at Binab Property Group realty and Renaat Marchand at WannaWafel for helping make the cycling apparel a reality.  Broad St. Cycles has been a big supporter and retailing partner for ZED Wheels Works, providing retail access to select hand built wheels.

Thank you to everyone that preordered the kit. I hope you are as pleased with the way they turned out as much as I am. Without your support ZED Wheel Works would not be able to offer hand built wheels made just for you.

At this time, there are a few extras not yet spoken for. I’ll make an effort to keep the inventory online correct. You’ll be able to see and purchase the extras at Broad St. Cycles.

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