N+1 be damned… Screech! The sound of the needle on that old Dual turntable scratching across Coltrane. Velominati be damned! Is N-1 the future? Our spouses would love to hear this. For so long, N+1 was the perfect number of bicycles in your stable. N being the number of bikes you currently own, of course.

So, what is the bicycle industry seemingly doing?  We’re converging on similar looking bikes meant for very distinct purposes. We hang our scripted words on this very fact. “Well, honey, you see, of course, I need another bike, you see, because, well, uhm this new bike, you see, is for cyclocross and it,well, uhm, has these wonderful disc brakes that are so necessary for ‘cross.”  Sure. Time to toss that load of bollocks in the trash. You see, now our sacred road bikes will soon have disc brakes too. Heck, even hydraulic disc brakes.  It’s inevitable. It’s coming. No wait, it’s HERE! NOW!

So, what do we tell our spouses? What lies can we muster to justify dropping a few grand on that bike now? Damn new road bike just looks too similar to our cyclocross bike we just managed to convince our spouses we needed. Now what?

focusmarescxdiscFocus-Cayo-4.0-Disc-2015-2Perhaps it’s some backhanded way of getting back at us for a life of lies, a life of ill-conceived stories as to why, oh why, we must, I say must, have that new bike!  Trouble is, now the industry is making them all look much, oh much too similar. I have no idea how I can possibly tell, er convince my wife that I must have that new disc-equipped road bike.  Sure, N+1 is a great laugh, but that formula, that quest, has been refuted,  it seems, by the very industry we love. What gives?

To illustrate, I recently purchased a new Focus Mares CX 2.0 Disc-equipped cyclocross bike from Broad Street Cycles. It’s a dream of a bike. I could go on sharing with you all the reasons I needed it, but I’m sure you’ve got a similar script in hand. Focus is also offering the 2015 Focus Cayo disc-equipped road bike. To us cyclists, they are naturally very different. Very different indeed. For one, clearly one has knobby tires and one does not. Clearly the road bike is a bit shorter for quicker handling and with a slightly lower bottom bracket for improved handling on the road. But, are you kidding me? My wife can’t discern such minute differences?  Ya gotta give me something more than that! What? I’m desperate. I need a story, a lie, a reason, a bonafide believable reason why I need this Cayo disc?

Cayo-Mares-mashupPost your comments, below to help me out. I need a story, and it better be good!

Focus bikes are available at Broad Street Cycles.



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