Unicolor C-41 processing first crack

It's been over 8 rolls of B&W film since I resumed my own film processing. It was easier than I remembered, and especially easy thanks to the Massive Film Database Timer application available for iPhone and Android. I use it on my iPhone 5.  Time to try colour processing. Last weekend provided a few firsts…Read more Unicolor C-41 processing first crack

David’s Pacenti SL23/CK R45 wheelset

David, a repeat customer of ZED Wheels, picked up a used set of 28 hole Chris King R45 hubs and asked me to build them up with his favourite rim, the Pacenti SL23. David likes the look of silver stainless spokes and so, like his previous build, went with silver Sapim CX-Ray spokes laced with…Read more David’s Pacenti SL23/CK R45 wheelset

My son’s intro to photography

My son, 12, has been learning some basic composition and other photography skills at his middle school. The instructors use iPads to remove the technical aspects of photography from the student to allow them to place their attention on composition. He's learned about the rule of thirds, and other composition tips. He asked me one…Read more My son’s intro to photography

Mamiya 645 Pro TL medium format film camera

Ever since I got into photography in the late 1970s I've wanted a medium format film camera. More specifically, I wanted a Hasselblad, the iconic studio camera of the era. I really knew little about medium format, but was intrigued. Well, over thirty years later, I now own a medium format camera. At first, inspired…Read more Mamiya 645 Pro TL medium format film camera