This is my first rangefinder camera. At $29, it was hard to pass up.  I like the story. In WW2, as you could imagine, getting your hands on german made camera equipment was next to impossible. At the time, Leica was the ‘standard’ for rangefinders. I guess it still is.  To solve the shortage, FED was launched to produce Leica-inspired rangefinders. You can read more about the tale here.

I have shot a single roll of Agfa/Rollei Retro 400s, a 400 ISO B&W film, with this camera. So far, so good. The combination of this classic grained film with this old camera and sunny-16 exposure control is fun.

To make it more interesting, I popped down to one of our local photography stores and picked up all the stuff I need to develop the roll of film myself. The process is as simple as I remember, aided by the use of this handy database on my iPhone of film developing times for B&W film.

FED2 1 FED2 6 FED2 2 FED2 3 FED2 4

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