A week or so ago, I went downtown with my family. I brought my Mamiya loaded with HP5+ and Fujicolor 400, and my Nikon F3 with Tri-X 400. I’ve not yet developed the 120 rolls, but did develop the Tri-X the other night, and scanned them over the next couple of evenings on my Epson V600. I scan with 24-bit Colour, B&W film choice, no sharpness setting turned on and usually around 3200 ppi.  I may use the basic dust removal, but definitely leave the Digital Ice as it only works with colour film.


Derelict Janion Building. C 1891. Soon to be rejuvenated.

Victoria has a historic Chinatown with many small narrow alleys between buildings. The area is particularly decorative this time of year, being around Chinese new year.  We also wandered along the inner harbour on the north side.


Chinatown Victoria. Nikon F3, 50mm, Tri-X 400


23 1/2 . A great address for a photographer.

I gotta say, I prefer my son’s shot of the old Janion building over mine, though I do like the results with Tri-X. I usually shoot HP5+ but thought I’d give Tri-X another go.  Ilford HP5+ provides a similar look at less cash outlay, so I’ll probably revert back to Ilford again.  Right now, I have an expired 1994-08 roll of Fujicolor HG 100 ISO in my F3. I’ll be developing it myself with Unicolor kit. This will be my first venture into DIY C41 processing.


FanTan Alley in Chinatown.


Forgotten bike. Johnson Street Bridge.  Nikon F3, Kodak Tri-X 400.

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