I don’t develop colour film that often. In fact it had been such a long time that I wasn’t sure if the chems would still be good. I’d honestly deferred developing the one roll I had kicking around, Portra 400 120 roll since my el-cheapo digital thermometer had died. The LCD screen lost most of its cells and all I could see was the last digit.  I finally got around to buying a new thermometer so it was time to develop again.

I absolutely love my Mamiya 645 Pro TL. I have three lenses for it, and on the hunt for more: 80mm f2.8, 150 f3.5 and my newest one a ultra wide angle 35mm f3.5. I’m looking for a 150 f2.8 or possibly a 110 f2.8 and a 24mm fish eye.

Ever since I purchased this film camera, I must say that I don’t use my Nikon F3 HP that often, despite having a broader range of lenses for it, including my auto-focus  lenses with aperture and manual setting.

My daughter, 11 is such an easy subject. Her smile comes so naturally.

Julia_Tessie 2048X

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