As I mentioned in a previous post,  I was finding it challenging to accurately measure the amount of concentrated IlfoTec HC B&W developer when mixing up small batches for 120 or 35mm rolls.  I knew that a syringe would be a big improvement over using the small Paterson graduated cylinder.

My wife works in the medical profession, and I knew she’d know where to get what I needed. At a nearby pharmacy, she picked up a couple of these BD brand 30ml Syringe with Leur-Lok Tip. Then you snap in a BD Blunt plastic Cannula tip for drawing out the developer, like a straw.

DSC_4636To mix enough developer for a single 120 roll of film, I need 490 ml of developer mix. This means, at 1:31 mix ratio, I will mix just 15.3 ml of IlfoTec HC developer to 280.9 ml of water.  Not a lot.

This Syringe dramatically improves my ability to extract just the right amount of developer mix.  I’ll be developing a few rolls in the coming week, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

As a novice, I rely on the wonderfully useful Massive Dev Chart  app for the iPhone. I highly recommend this tool if you’re not already using it. I have saved most of my favourite films and developer combinations and this tool really improves the efficiency of my workflow.





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