Zed Wheel Works operating as Zed Wheels and zedwheels.com has permanently closed shop. If you’d been following along, you had read about Zed becoming a victim of fraud. That combined with the increased commitment needed to run a shop on his own, Brad decided to close down Zed Wheels. But he’s not yet stopped building wheels!  Zed has essentially been subsumed by Broad Street Cycles. Zed founder Brad Head will continue crafting hand built custom wheels for their customers and his loyal customers under contract to Broad Street Cycles.

The new wheel works department of Broad Street Cycles will be located in the spacious lower floor and Brad will supplement the works and skills of Matt, a senior mechanic at Broad Street and talented wheel builder and will add increased capacity to the custom wheel works program.  What the customers will continue to enjoy is the obsession to high quality craftsmanship that had built the reputation that Zed Wheels is known for.

When requesting custom wheel building work from Broad Street Cycles you’ll have the option for a “Zed Build “- that means Zed founder and wheel fanatic Brad will be doing the build for your custom set of wheels.

By June 12, 2016 ZedWheels.com will shut down. The legacy of builds and articles will live on at this site zedwheelworks.com.  For the wheel works department at Broad Street Cycles, Brad will use his IT skills to create a newly updated web site for Broad Street Cycles that will add their custom wheel works offering and quote request. We hope this to be up and running by the end of June, 2016. In the meantime, contact Broad Street Cycles by email or phone to enquire about your custom wheel building needs.

“It’s been five years now since Zed Wheels started and I’m pleased to continue the relationship I’ve had with Broad Street Cycles as a contracted wheel builder. As a part-time builder and full-time IT professional, this is a perfect arrangement allowing me to continue to do what I love – building great wheels, while improving customer service, inventory management as a division of Broad Street Cycles,” – Brad Head.

Broad Street Cycles is located in downtown Victoria, BC at 1419 Broad Street.

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