I work in the precise and exacting world of computers and yet I retreat the to the analog world of film, paper, canvas, and then jump back to digital with my DSLR, Epson V600 scanner, iMac, Adobe software and this web site. Like many film fans, I live in the integrated world of analog and digital. I adopt the modern photographic workflow. I shoot film, but I’m not a film bigot. I shoot digital, but I’m not a digital snob. I draw. I paint; I do stuff. I develop my own film, scan it and then muck with it in software on my iMac, mostly removing out dust but sometimes cropping and dodging, etc. I’m not a purist. I use what I have to create whatever.

I admire true talent and try to emulate them. When I get it right, I am my worst critic. I shoot all sorts of subjects, and try to take as much as I can.

I lost a brother way before his time and I think his death has made me appreciate the beauty around me more. To take it in, record it, savour it. This site helps me to record it in a manner of permanence, so that way when I’m gone this may still be here, out in the ether for anyone to hopefully enjoy, or at least use it to know what not to do.

You’ve heard it before. Film slows you down. I like that. On a typical day with film in my camera, I might shoot a roll at best, maybe two. For a typical digital shoot, with my DSLR, I’ll often rattle off 500 frames. Perhaps it’s a horses for courses argument – I tend to shoot action with my auto-focus DSLR, whereas with film, landscape, portraits and stills tend to be what I photograph.


Son Photos5

Selfie 1984.


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