TS-2Di Truing Stand Hack

After 5 years of use, my Park Dial Indicators (Park TS-2Di) started to show their age. They no longer moved smoothly across the range, but jerky and the dial shaft would stick. This would cause incorrect roundness or trueness readings. I had to replace them.  When I started looking into precision dial indicators, a Japanese brand…Read more TS-2Di Truing Stand Hack

Crikey, there’s creaking!

If you've ever experienced creaking on a modern bicycle, determining cause can be very difficult. If you suspect that your wheels are the cause of the annoying creaking sounds, you'll want to first confirm that suspicion then try these steps to cure the creaking issue. The first step in confirming your suspicion of the wheels…Read more Crikey, there’s creaking!

Gluing tubular cyclocross tires in 10 easy steps

So many people have ideas and opinions on gluing tubular cyclocross tires. Stu Thorne from Cyclocrossworld.com has a great video on YouTube showing how it's done.  His method works well and here are the steps that i've found to work well, similar to the video: You'll Need Tubular cement. I recommend Mastik One from Vittoria.…Read more Gluing tubular cyclocross tires in 10 easy steps