What disc hub for cyclocross?

In the era of 11 speed hydraulic disc brake/shifters from SRAM and Shimano found on cyclocross bikes, like my very own Focus Mares CX 2.0, the bicycle manufacturers seem to be charging ahead of most aftermarket hub manufacturers. This makes it challenging when you're looking for a custom, lightweight, wheelset for cross racing. Right or…Read more What disc hub for cyclocross?

What about N-1 Velominati?

N+1 be damned... Screech! The sound of the needle on that old Dual turntable scratching across Coltrane. Velominati be damned! Is N-1 the future? Our spouses would love to hear this. For so long, N+1 was the perfect number of bicycles in your stable. N being the number of bikes you currently own, of course. So, what…Read more What about N-1 Velominati?