James’ ZIPP 404 upgrade

James asked to have his ZIPP 404 clincher wheel set upgraded to DT240s hubs. This would allow him to run 11 speed Shimano/SRAM cassettes on this older set of ZIPP wheels. The black nipples and black Sapim CX-Ray spokes definitely indicate a custom ZIPP build. ZIPP has done well over the years, but I have…Read more James’ ZIPP 404 upgrade

Is side by side cycling unlawful?

As a cyclist, if you've been paying attention at all, you'll have figured out that in British Columbia under Section 183(2)(d) of the Motor Vehicle Act, an operator of a cycle must not ride abreast of another person operating a cycle on the roadway, You may have learned this rule having been on the receiving end…Read more Is side by side cycling unlawful?

Crikey, there’s creaking!

If you've ever experienced creaking on a modern bicycle, determining cause can be very difficult. If you suspect that your wheels are the cause of the annoying creaking sounds, you'll want to first confirm that suspicion then try these steps to cure the creaking issue. The first step in confirming your suspicion of the wheels…Read more Crikey, there’s creaking!