TS-2Di Truing Stand Hack

After 5 years of use, my Park Dial Indicators (Park TS-2Di) started to show their age. They no longer moved smoothly across the range, but jerky and the dial shaft would stick. This would cause incorrect roundness or trueness readings. I had to replace them.  When I started looking into precision dial indicators, a Japanese brand…Read more TS-2Di Truing Stand Hack

Hope Mono RS | Pacenti SL23 wheels

I had ordered a set of Hope Mono RS 11 speed compatible road hubs awhile back and had been meaning to build up a set. If you've seen my builds with Hope disc hubs, you know I am a fan of Hope Technologies. Hope hubs are manufactured in the UK, not China or Taiwan and…Read more Hope Mono RS | Pacenti SL23 wheels