Pacenti SL23 Chris King R45

Lawrence decided to replace his Velocity A23 rims, which had shown some cracking at one of the nipples. Cracking has been problematic for certain brands largely due to their alloy choices: too hard and they'll crack. Too soft, and they'll wear quickly and need lower tension. The Velocity A23, a wide rim is very shallow…Read more Pacenti SL23 Chris King R45

Zipp 404 Clincher 11-speed upgrade

Luke races with the Russ Hay's/Accent Inn racing team. His new team bike comes with new 11 speed group set. Luke's older Zipp 404 could not be upgraded to 11 speed, so he asked if ZED would upgrade his wheel on a budget.  The build features the Taiwanese OEM superlight hub (210 grams) by Bitex,…Read more Zipp 404 Clincher 11-speed upgrade

Don’s custom Tune H Plus Son wheelset

Don requested a custom wheelset that would be light enough and durable enough for daily riding. He is gearing up for a gran fondo in the warm southern US, and asked me to ship him this wheelset. H Plus Son Archetype rims. 460g each. Tune Mig 70 front hub, radially laced with Sapim CX-Rays, 24…Read more Don’s custom Tune H Plus Son wheelset

Enve 3.4 updates

Pro City Racing road team mates Alex and Jamie both bought Enve 3.4 tubular race wheels for the 2012 road racing season. They'd selected some very exotic and lightweight, made in the usa, C-4 hubs. This choice proved to be lacking durability that previous models had. So, Zed Wheels replaced the C-4 hubs on the…Read more Enve 3.4 updates

Josh’s Enve 65/Tune Mag 170 & Mig 70 wheelset

For the 2012 road racing season, Josh took advantage of the Pro City Racing road team pricing and purchased a Trek Madone team bike. For racing, he went with these custom ENVE 65 tubular wheelset. Features are: Enve 65 tubular rims Tune Mag 170 rear hub Tune Mig 70 front hub Sapim CX-Ray spokes Weight:…Read more Josh’s Enve 65/Tune Mag 170 & Mig 70 wheelset

Jamie’s custom Enve 3.4 wheelset

Jamie, the team captain of Pro City Racing road team, was quite excited about Zed Wheels sponsoring the team in partnership with Enve Composites. After going back and forth between the Enve 6.7s and the Enve 3.4s, he settled on the Enve 3.4s. He did some research and asked for a very lightweight straight-pull hub…Read more Jamie’s custom Enve 3.4 wheelset

Kevin’s ENVE 45/65 wheelset

Kevin was looking for an all-rounder wheelset with an emphasis on aerodynamics. As a sponsored Pro City Racing road team member, Kevin took full advantage of the sponsorship deal courtesy Zed Wheels and ENVE Composites. The rear is an ENVE 65 clincher laced to a black Alchemy ORC 24h rear hub with CX-Ray spokes. The…Read more Kevin’s ENVE 45/65 wheelset