Fairwheel Bikes’ 2012 Hub Review

Fairwheel Bikes of Tuscon, AZ has recently completed a new hub review. They reviewed a few of my favorites including the Tune Mag 170 rear hub, Mig 70 front hub, Alchemy ELF front hub, and Alchemy Orc rear hub. Check it out at Fairwheel Bikes 2012 Hub Review  

Robert’s Alchemy ORC/XR-380 wheel

Robert, a triathlete, wanted a beefy and aero rear wheel. He's a solid guy, does triathlons. After a back and forth consultation over emails, we landed on this build. It didn't take long to choose the Alchemy ORC rear hub, arguably the stiffest rear hub on the market with it's oversize axle, large bearings, 5th…Read more Robert’s Alchemy ORC/XR-380 wheel

Kevin’s ENVE 45/65 wheelset

Kevin was looking for an all-rounder wheelset with an emphasis on aerodynamics. As a sponsored Pro City Racing road team member, Kevin took full advantage of the sponsorship deal courtesy Zed Wheels and ENVE Composites. The rear is an ENVE 65 clincher laced to a black Alchemy ORC 24h rear hub with CX-Ray spokes. The…Read more Kevin’s ENVE 45/65 wheelset

Dylan’s Alchemy/Stan’s NoTubes 340 wheelset

Dylan carrying two sacks of potatoes is still lighter than the average cyclist. He wanted an über light climbing wheelset that would match his climbing prowess.  At just 1265 grams for the set, these clearly did the job as just a few days after he picked them up, he won the Mt. Doug Hill-climb. The front wheel features…Read more Dylan’s Alchemy/Stan’s NoTubes 340 wheelset

Tom’s custom Alchemy/NoTubes wheelset

Tom wanted an very light climbing wheelset for his 2011 Trek 6.9 Project One.  These are an honest 1265 grams for the set. The front wheel features a black Alchemy ELF front hub, laced with 24 black Sapim CX-Ray spokes to a Stan’s NoTubes ZTR 340 Alpha 355 gram clincher rim with Sapim black alloy nipples. The rear…Read more Tom’s custom Alchemy/NoTubes wheelset

Brad’s custom Reynolds SDV66T carbon wheelset

Brad snagged a super deal on a pair of Reynolds SDV66/T carbon tubular rims. He was looking for a wheelset to use exclusively for racing. These fit the bill. Laced to sweet red Alchemy hubs using Sapim CX-Ray spokes and pillar internal nipples these are light and aero. 1380 grams completed.  Wheels like these need…Read more Brad’s custom Reynolds SDV66T carbon wheelset