88mm deep Carbon track wheel

I wanted to make use of a sample taiwanese Formula-like track hub that I received from one of my suppliers. It's well built and 32 hole drilling. I didn't want to build with carbon, deep carbon. Now 32h is kind of overkill for an 88mm deep carbon tubular rim, but why not? I scrounged up…Read more 88mm deep Carbon track wheel

Custom Phil Wood and KinLin TB25 track wheelset

I decided after racing since 1992, it was time to try racing track. The local Commonwealth Legacy Velodrome had reopened this year after being closed since 2008. What an excuse to buy a new bike and build some track wheels!  

Emile’s ENVE 1.65/Phil Wood track wheel

Zed Wheel Works sponsors Emile de Rosnay, a 38 year old elite track cyclist. Emile will race on the track in 2011 with this Enve 1.65 tubular rim laced with Wheelsmith DB-14 2.0/1.7/2.0 butted spokes to a top-drawer black Phil Wood low-flange track hub. The wheel will be paired to an Enve 1.65 tubular rim laced…Read more Emile’s ENVE 1.65/Phil Wood track wheel