88mm deep Carbon track wheel

I wanted to make use of a sample taiwanese Formula-like track hub that I received from one of my suppliers. It's well built and 32 hole drilling. I didn't want to build with carbon, deep carbon. Now 32h is kind of overkill for an 88mm deep carbon tubular rim, but why not? I scrounged up…Read more 88mm deep Carbon track wheel

Emile’s ENVE 1.65/Phil Wood track wheel

Zed Wheel Works sponsors Emile de Rosnay, a 38 year old elite track cyclist. Emile will race on the track in 2011 with this Enve 1.65 tubular rim laced with Wheelsmith DB-14 2.0/1.7/2.0 butted spokes to a top-drawer black Phil Wood low-flange track hub. The wheel will be paired to an Enve 1.65 tubular rim laced…Read more Emile’s ENVE 1.65/Phil Wood track wheel