TS-2Di Truing Stand Hack

After 5 years of use, my Park Dial Indicators (Park TS-2Di) started to show their age. They no longer moved smoothly across the range, but jerky and the dial shaft would stick. This would cause incorrect roundness or trueness readings. I had to replace them.  When I started looking into precision dial indicators, a Japanese brand…Read more TS-2Di Truing Stand Hack

Gluing tubular cyclocross tires in 10 easy steps

So many people have ideas and opinions on gluing tubular cyclocross tires. Stu Thorne from Cyclocrossworld.com has a great video on YouTube showing how it's done.  His method works well and here are the steps that i've found to work well, similar to the video: You'll Need Tubular cement. I recommend Mastik One from Vittoria.…Read more Gluing tubular cyclocross tires in 10 easy steps